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Aikido of Pajaro Valley

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Aikido of Pajaro Valley was formed in 1996 By Takashi Tamasu to serve the Watsonville and surrounding communities. We welcome all sincere students and will not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, ethnic background or sexual orientation.

The goal of creating this Dojo (Place of the Way) was to create a place for people to sincerely train in the gentle art of peace. By understanding that Martial Arts is not about hurting people but a way to resolve conflicts peacefully, one can fully utilize the potential of this art. The goal of training is not to become more aggressive and dangerous, but to refine and develop ourselves into better citizens of our global community.

In training, we practice empty hand as well as using weapons such as the long staff, short staff, wooden sword and wooden knife. The object of learning weapons is not to learn how to kill an opponent, but to master one's skills to be able to spare an life (The concept of Sasuzinken or "sword of life"). It is meant to reforge our spirit, to develop a spirit that will calmly meet a hostle attack and be able to calmly neutralize it .